in Medical and Healthcare field

possessing high-standard professionalism and integrity with endless curiosity.

Who We Are

SO & COMPANY is a team of specialists who pioneer the most innovative way to communicate medical information tailored for the people who need it, by harmonizing the realms of science and creativity.
As an INFOPRENEUR, we believe in the impact of meticulously designed and expertly delivered content.
To achieve this goal, we are continually remain at the forefront of innovation, striving to maintain our position as industry leaders.

Our Vision

We drive Medical & Healthcare
with these 3 areas to enrich the galaxy.

Medical Communication

Brand marketers are heroes and they need advocates. We assist the heroes in achieving their best, particularly in areas like content creation, strategy, and digital excellence.

Medical Education

Education plays a fundamental role in the medical field. We prioritize diverse forms of education within this domain, all delivered in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

Medical Entertainment

Understanding medical info can be a challenge for many. We transform it into engaging content in diverse, entertaining formats to make it accessible for everyone.

Our Core Values

Mindset for Growth

We collectively dedicate to foster a culture of learning and adaptability within a rapidly evolving industry.

We consistently strive for progress beyond yesterday’s success, individually and organizationally.

Spirit of Innovation

As ‘Inforpreneur’ serves as a beacon, we embrace challenges, enjoy exploring new horizons and breaking boundaries, and never stop evolving.

We stay at the forefront of the life-science industry, providing unprecedented solutions to our stakeholders.

Commitment to Professionalism

We consistently uphold high-quality standards in crafting content and empowering brand journey.

Given the team's expertise in our service areas, we conduct excellence in everything we do to meet our stakeholders' needs and expectations.

Our Team Lead

Yuri Jung

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Hyesun Jung

Co-founder, Chief Content Officer

Kenneth Hahn

Chief Financial Officer

Dohun Baek

Design Director

Reina Kim

Commercial Strategy Manager

Yochan Jung

CRM Technical Architect

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