Pharma Xchange: Where Insights and Connections Thrived, successfully held!

July 7, 2023

On Friday, June 30, 2023, Pharma Xchange was successfully held at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul, S.Korea.

The venue was filled with professionals from 17 companies across diverse sectors like Pharmaceutical, MedTech, BioTech, MarTech, and Medical Media.

[Session #1] SO & COMPANY, A Closer Look! (by Yuri Jung, Co-Founder and CEO of SO & COMPANY)

Yuri Jung, the Co-founder and CEO of SO & COMPANY, revealed the company's ambitions to broaden its global reach beyond Korea, while also delving into emerging areas like medical edutainment. The session spotlighted several dynamic initiatives undertaken throughout the year, including the publication of SO Newsletter, Insight Report, and engaging events such as the SO Meet-Up and Pharma Xchange. Adding to the occasion's significance, the event coincided with the eve of the company's 8th anniversary!

[Session #2] Insights from Rare Disease Marketers: Do Their Voices Resonate? (by Reina Kim, Commercial Strategy Manager of SO & COMPANY)

In this session, Reina Kim, Commercial Strategy Manager at SO & COMPANY, showcased findings from a collaborative market research study with IPSOS, a globally acclaimed research institution. This study focused on rare disease marketers, exploring the distinctive challenges they encounter throughout their marketing journeys. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many noting the insights offered a profound understanding of rare disease marketing nuances. Many resonated with the hurdles discussed and found the idea of a modular content strategy particularly captivating. At SO & COMPANY, we remain dedicated to unveiling innovative solutions that address future challenges in the life sciences domain.

[Session #3] Exploring Diverse Digital Initiatives and Post-Pandemic HCP Insights (by Jina Oh, Managing Director of Medigate)

In this session, Jina Oh, Managing Director of Medi C&C (MEDIGATE), shared insights from their survey exploring Healthcare Professionals' (HCPs) views on pharmaceutical companies' post-pandemic activities in Korea, including information dissemination through third-party platforms. While the significance of these platforms might differ by therapeutic sectors, it provided insight into prevailing patterns and fostered discussions about diverse strategies across channels.

Although there's a renewed emphasis on direct interactions in the post-pandemic scenario, with HCPs favoring such meetings, the interest in digital marketing remains as robust as during the pandemic. Interestingly, the survey highlighted an enhanced positive perception of pharmaceutical companies owing to their digital engagements, emphasizing the sustained relevance of digital marketing. The feedback unanimously recognized the crucial role of digital marketing, particularly when executed through third-party platforms.

[Session #4] A panel discussion with leaders in digital and omnichannel marketing!

In the panel discussion, industry experts shared valuable perspectives based on actual experiences of how pharmaceutical companies are maneuvering the digital and omnichannel marketing terrain. During the discussion, panels addressed various topics like team dynamics, the collection and use of data, and challenges in content sourcing.

Several attendees were intrigued to learn about the role of data scientists in some companies and the incorporation of machine learning in commercial endeavors. They related to the difficulties of content generation, gleaning strategies for effectively using global resources and repurposing successful content.

Clearly, sessions rooted in real-world scenarios resonate deeply. Many participants voiced an interest in delving deeper into best practices and yearned for perspectives from a broader spectrum of companies. There was a compelling suggestion to host events tailored for local companies as well. We promise to consider this feedback in our future event planning.

[Session #5] Lucky Draw & Photo Time - A Delightful Surprise Event

The hint for the lucky draw gift, as mentioned in the event invitation, was 'Summer⛱️.'

We prepared small gifts in line with this theme, and if a smile graced your face when you opened your package, consider it a success!

The room was filled with an infectious atmosphere, with soft giggles resonating throughout the session. What's more, each table seemed to have an equal share of luck, which added to the excitement! While the gifts weren't extravagant or overly expensive, they served as a charming reminder of the fun times you can have with your family during this summer vacation😃

In conclusion, Pharma Xchange served as a vibrant gathering for medical and pharmaceutical professionals to exchange insights and foster a positive atmosphere.

Pharma Xchange will be back next year. Keep an eye out for updates!

SO & COMPANY remains committed to innovating and exploring new avenues to address the challenges faced by many.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events, where we aim to foster even more collaboration and synergy with a wider audience.