SO Meet-Up: For the Pharma Marketers Who Have a Mindset for Growth

April 21, 2023

‘Shall we gather and share ideas for the betterment?’ The answer was ‘YES!’

On April 21, SO & COMPANY hosted a special Meet-Up exclusively for pharma marketers, with the purpose of sharing industry knowledge and fostering connections to promote future collaborations.

Here's what happened, and what it meant to us.

Meaning 1: Breaking Ground with SO's First Meet-Up👏

While SO & COMPANY had previously organized the 'Pharma Marketing Forum' for pharma marketers in 2022, this Meet-Up event was an entirely fresh experience. Though we have long been traversing the pharmaceutical industry landscape, this exclusive Meet-Up which was held with a more relaxing and private atmosphere, marked an exciting first for both our team and the participants.

Meaning 2: Meet-Up, Not Just for Tech Enthusiasts Anymore🔥

You might associate Meet-Ups with the industry of gaming, IT gatherings, or even cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Product launches, seminars, symposia, and conferences often steal the spotlight in the pharmaceutical realm. Yet, Meet-Ups, a common sight in the startup scene, have been relatively scarce in the pharma industry.

Meaning 3: Not for HCPs, But for YOU🎀

It was tailored specifically for those of you working in the pharmaceutical industry. While events like the Veeva Summit cater to pharma folks on a grand scale, SO's Meet-Up had a different objective in mind. It was an attempt to get more hands-on and closer to your concerns.

Let's do a quick recap of the sessions. 

[Session #1] Market Research, Not for HCPs?

For pharma marketers facing challenges in their current practice, especially those in the rare diseases niche, we researched, analyzed, and brought some insights to share.

Conducted in collaboration with IPSOS, a leading global market research organization, our endeavor involved delving into the journeys of marketers. We aimed to uncover the obstacles they encounter at various stages and identify avenues for enhancement.

This venture represented a substantial commitment on our part, akin to the significant resources that pharmaceutical marketers allocate to market research and advertising. Our primary objective was to gain a deeper understanding of marketers' needs and determine how we could better serve them.

While we may not have immediate solutions for all your challenges, we have shared valuable ideas and information. Our hope is to introduce new services in the future that will contribute to alleviating the pain points you encounter.

[Session #2] SaaS Recommendations for Workplace Efficiency - OMG, 25 Tools?

We can proudly say that we've been early adopters in the frontier of SaaS adoption and utilization.

Our appetite for exploring and fearlessly integrating various tools hasn't waned.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we've compiled an impressive list of 25 diverse tools, spanning from the initial idea to the final creation phase. And yes, we've even found tools tailored for boosting sales—a perfect fit for POAs, workshops, and meetings!

It's not every day that you come across tools crafted with such precision for specific job roles.

Although we couldn't dive deep into each tool during our event, we've curated a wide array of applications. Our hope is that attendees will discover their favorites and begin exploring how these tools can enhance their work.

SO Meet-Up is returning with a more intimate and enlightening approach to facilitate connections and knowledge sharing.

Keep an eye out, and we look forward to meeting you at the next Meet-up!