Visit Our Workspace, Where Innovation Thrives!

July 1, 2023

Welcome to SO & COMPANY's Workspace!

Located in Yeoeuido, a global financial hub in Seoul, the Capital of South Korea, our office is a nest of a dynamic environment where creativity and cutting-edge ideas flourish.

Where Ideas Thrive: Shaping Our Future with Passion and Collaboration.

Our office is a dynamic workstation of forward-thinking professionals who, fueled by their passion for innovation and inspired by each other, come together to make creative ideas come to life.

We often encourage ourselves with recreational events, fostering the culture of collaboration and inspiration. These playful moments contribute to the company's fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Where Connection Starts: Embracing Meaningful Exchanges with Industry's Professionals.

At SO & COMPANY, we're passionate about fostering open communication within our industry. We believe that sharing knowledge and insights is vital for the growth of not only our organization but the entire sector. To bring professionals together, our workplace serves as a platform for meaningful exchanges of ideas, experiences, and innovations.

Our Talented Team: The Greatest Asset We Take Pride in.

We are a dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about what we do. If you want to share your enthusiasm, we invite you to get in touch with us!